Optical Control Signs on Southwest Systems Technology

Optical Control Signs on Southwest Systems Technology



December 2018 — ­Optical Control Americas, is pleased to announce that it has entered a manufacturers’ representative agreement with Southwest Systems Technology, Inc.. Under the agreement, Southwest Systems will provide sales and support for Optical Control’s component counting technology in the states of Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Louisiana.

“I’ve worked with Southwest Systems on several producst over the past 25+ years. They know the customers and territory better than anywone and they have a great team. We are all excited to bring them on and we look forward to building this territory more in 2019 and beyond” commented Todd O’Neil, VP of Business Development at Optical Control.

Southwest Systems Technology specializes in the sales and support of capital equipment, benchtop tools and manufacturing consumables, and its sales engineers are trained in the latest industry processes and technologies. Founded in 1989, the company sells products in both the electronic and semiconductor manufacturing industries.

The CCX.3 X-ray from optical control is a true plug-and-play system that can X-ray ANY size reel in the same cycle time no matter type of component, or how full or empty it is. High speed combined with the best accuracy, it is capable of providing an ROI faster than any other machine. The highlight of the CCX.3 is – there are no libraries required or need for customer input to get started. It’s as simple as plugging in the machine, and start counting.

The machine also can be configured for complete automation, including integrations into other sytems such as automated storage units. Whether this is done by software only, using a loading and unloading unit, or complete integration, is up to the customer in their steps toward industry 4.0.

“Southwest Systems takes pride in only supporting product we would use if we were the customer. After long consideration we found Optical-Control’s SMD X-Ray Scanner to not only be the first parts counter on the market, but also the best providing a quick ROI through accuracy and speed,” commented Scott Fillebrown, Managing Director at Southwest Systems Technology.

For more information about Southwest Systems Technology, contact Scott Fillebrown at Scott@SWSystems.com or visit www.swsystems.com.

For more information, visit www.optical-control.com or email infoNA@optical-control.com.


About optical control GmbH

Optical Control Americas is part of the Elsysko group, a full-service EMS company, in Weißenohe, Bavaria Germany and has 180 employees, four SMT lines, and two throughole lines. The company was founded in 2009 and in 2011, optical control GmbH was formed as a sales and service organization for the CCX (component counter X-ray) products. In 2017, Optical Control Americas was started. For more information about Optical Control, email us at infoNA@optical-control.com, call us at 1-833-WECOUNT (932-6868) or visit the website at www.optical-control.com.