Learn everything about the first autonomous printing system SERIO 6000!

Learn everything about the first autonomous printing system SERIO 6000!

Discover smart highlights, options and features. We offer you automation in stages – adaptable to the automation level in your production.

With the smart autonomous printer, squeegees and stencils can be set up asynchronously, for example. Specific tools for the next product cycle can be stored directly on the printer and then automatically installed at the right time. Set-up can be done manually by an operator or autonomously via a Cobot. The SERIO 6000 is capable of operating over several shifts without significant operator intervention.

Smart Highlights

Automated Paste Exchange System

  • The system offers storage facilities for up to nine cartridges directly in the printer
  • Independent paste supply for more than one shift is possible
  • Withdrawal is based on the FIFO principle for sustainable consumption
  • Thanks to RFID technology, the individual cartridges are tracked
  • Cartridges can be replaced quickly and easily thanks to access from the front

New Print Head

  • With the print head an autonomous squeegee exchange is possible
  • The stencil feed can be done automatically
  • Squeegee and stencil are tracked via RFID technology

Intelligent Paste Dispense System

  • Electrically driven dispensing unit
  • Effective volume control thanks to even paste delivery by electric spindle (no pressure/time)
  • Repeatability
  • Measures cartridge fill levels for a validated process
  • Automatic cartridge change enables an uninterrupted process

Automatic Stencil Loader

  • Asynchronous setup – job preparation during operation
  • Just-in-time job changes without operator intervention
  • Suitable for 23 or 29 inch stencil types
  • Minimized floor space due to horizontal storage directly at the system

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