The New EXPERT 05.6 IXH For The Complete Rework Process

The New EXPERT 05.6 IXH  For The Complete Rework Process

With the rework station, which contains an integrated camera positioning system, MARTIN offers a cost-effective solution for the complete rework process. With the integrated camera even the smallest components can be manually placed and repaired with high precision.

The camera-based positioning system allows precise alignment and placement of components ranging from 1 x 1 to 42 x 42 mm. The component can be aligned manually by fine adjustment in the X-Y-Z and Theta axes. The 4-stage IR underheater allows uniform heating over an area of 185 x 245 mm². The manually adjustable positioning arm can be placed anywhere on the housing surface. A soldering pen with a variety of possible tools as well as a vacuum pen for lifting components can be attached to the MCP-arm (manual camera supported placement).

The compact rework station  covers the complete rework process, from desoldering, pad cleaning, positioning to soldering. Additionally reballing and prebumping of components can be performed on the rework station. Compared to a fully automated rework system, the unit is more compact but still meets all requirement of a complete rework cycle. The user-friendly software EASYSOLDER 07 contributes to the easy handling of the rework station. Reflow profiles can be created, edited and saved individually. The device is also suitable for sensitive installation areas, as the unit is ESD safe and thus protects sensitive components.

The EXPERT 05.6 IXH complements the product range of MARTIN with a cost-effective manual rework station with integrated camera. The basic equipment can optionally be extended by accessories to meet customer specific requirements.

Top Features:

  • High-precision work on the smallest components with camera-supported positioning system
  • Whole rework cycle in one rework station
  • Highest repeatability of results
  • No optical calibration necessary
  • Intuitive user experience with EASYSOLDER 07 software

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