Double Ended Hand Soldering Tools

Double Ended Hand Soldering Tools

ESD Safe Hand Tools & Soldering Tools

Hardened Tool Steel Ends

The tool ends are made of high quality Swedish Hardened Tool Steel, carefully heat treated and tempered to provide a tough, long lasting working edge that resists wear.

Hard Satin Chrome Finish

The hard satin chrome finish repels solder even when in contact with flux. The tough qualities of our satin finish also resist wear, adding to the long tool life. The finish also eliminates reflections (“Hot Spots”) and resultant eye strain.

Solid Maple Wooden Handles

Only top quality maple, finished with a special burn resistant varnish, is used for our handles. The “Natural Feel” of wood is superior to any plastic. In addition to the comfort it provides to the hand, the wood handle is non-generative of static charges unlike other handle materials such as plastic and nylon. The wood handle serves as an excellent insulator between the two ends. The hex shaped handle provides a firm grip and won’t roll off the workbench.

Two Sizes To Choose From

These tools are available in both Standard (8″) and Mini (5 1/2″) sizes as shown. While the standard size works well with most through-hole soldering, the mini-size has proven popular in surface mount soldering and smaller through-hole application.

The Convenience of Double Ended Tools

Combinations of any two tool ends are available to guarantee maximum utility by the user.

ESD Safe

All Beau Tech tools are engineered with the requirements of the ESD environment in mind.

High Quality Standards

Beau Tech tools meet MIL-SPECS and federal stock number requirements.